• So, I'm Bad at Blogging

    Yes, I am very bad at blogging. I have started other blogs with the lofty goal of daily posts, weekly posts, and/or bi-weekly posts. All of these have fallen to my own laziness, and forgetting the passwords for the myriad of sites on which they exist. I started this blog with that knowledge, but with a goal. To simply get out a post every month. Just once a month. If I got more out, great, but I figured a once a month minimum would be easy enough for me. Now, having been two months since my last post, it seems evident that I was a little wrong.

    I am, however, going to soldier on, and try to get on track to get out one blog post a month, hopefully about acting or my acting life, but if not, then something. I hope to simply get in the habit, if for no other reason than to practice my writing skills and maybe entertain a person or two

    Thanks for reading,


  • Post Show

    So, about two weeks ago I finished a wonderful production of a show called Outside Agitators. It is a new play by playwright Laura Nessler, and if it's ever put on again, I highly suggest you go see it. It was great fun and my co-workers were awesome.

    Now, two weeks out, with the audition process raging again, and looking to expand my career, I look back and think about the three months spent working on that show. I realize how much work we, theater professionals, put into shows. Everyone sees the run of the show. the 4-6 weeks you spend on stage entertaining people, and that's great. That's the finished product. We don't often talk about the rehearsal process to those outside the community though, well, except to let off steam. People often forget the extra 6-8 weeks of work the actors put in to become different people. The extra time production staff puts into finding actors, space, designers and everything else needed to put on a show.

    It's silly, but it makes me appreciate the free time I've had. Yes, there are auditions looming (and no one likes auditions), but I'm auditioning to once again be part of the process that is theater, and hopefully soon film and T.V.

  • On New Works

    So, for the first actual post here, I think I'm going to reflect on new works. For those who don't know, I'm currently performing in a show called Outside Agitators, the info of which can be found here. This is a newly minted play, and the cast had the lovely chance to work with the playwright to straighten things out from early on. This process has it's own benefits, as well as some difficulties.

    One of the best things about this process is that the actors get to effect the play itself. Normally, an acotr is stuck with the lines they're given, and it is their job to figure out what these lines mean. Working with a new play, gives the opportunity to change a line that an actor does not understand. This does not always happen, as the playwright still has their vision, and the actor cannot simply rewrite the play, but the ability to change the actual text is quite freeing.

    The flip side is that the play is new. It has (hopefully) gone through other review processes, but there are still errors, and inconsistancies. Finding all of these can be tough, and, if the previous reviews were not as thorough, can still leave glaring plot holes after the curtain has been raised. There is also the consideration that the play is just bad. While certainly not the current situation, I have worked on new plays before that were simply not good, and there's no amount of effect an actor can have to change that.

    It's hard to say that I "love" working with new plays, as I do have a soft spot for some classics, but I do love the freedom it can afford an actor.

  • A New Beginning

    So, I'm going to try and keep up some sort of blog about my acting career. I am not the best about blogs and updating and such, but here's to changing that. And here's to anyone who might read this, I'm hoping you enjoy.